Great Selfie Poses and Ideas

These great selfie poses and ideas will come in handy regardless of what equipment you use.
Ever stood in front of your camera and felt completely lost? You’re not the only one. It’s a common affliction among self-portrait photographers.
Taking good selfies can be challenging. You have to juggle poses, expressions, lighting setups, and technical information. And tell a meaningful story.
It’s helpful to have go-to selfie poses or selfie ideas that you can use when you want to get that perfect shot.

Selfie Poses to Highlight Your Favourite Place

You can describe the beauty of a location by taking a photo of yourself enjoying it.
Express your love of travelling by snapping a picture of yourself in the outdoors, with plenty of natural lighting.
Or your love of coffee through breakfast selfie poses on your balcony. Or a flattering selfie in your favourite cafe.
When photographing what means a lot to you, you’ll notice more details and atmospheres. Your favourite locations will become even more precious.
And this will lead to great selfies and perfect profile pictures.

Create a Double Exposure

If you want to become a better editor, take a deep breath and make a double exposure self-portrait.
Some cameras, can create in-camera double exposures.
Whichever approach you use, make sure you experiment with a variety of photographs. Here are a few photo ideas that might enhance your portraits:

  • Flowers
  • Minimalistic landscapes
  • Trees
  • Roads
  • Skies

Try Expressive Selfie Poses With Your Pet

When they want to, animals can be very expressive. This is a great way to experiment with new facial expressions and selfie poses. Even if it means having to yawn for a self-portrait!
If you want to take your pet selfies to the next level, create themes inspired by your pet’s expression. Some of these themes can be curiosity, playfulness, or sleepiness.

Sharpen Your Candid Photography Skills

Candid photography is all about unexpected movements and spontaneity. You can achieve both in self-portrait photography.
If you want to become a better candid photographer, you can practise on yourself. Make up a story for yourself and embody someone else in front of your camera. You can take a lying-down selfie or a standing one here.
Capturing fast movements requires knowledge of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. By being both the model and the camera expert, you’ll be able to improve your skills.
This will help you when you have a real candid photo shoot. You won’t have trouble finding the perfect moments to photograph.

Take a Classic Black & White Portrait

Black & white portraits highlight textures, striking facial features, and subtle expressions. Vibrant colours would overshadow these.
Freckles, wrinkles, and bright eyes will all stand out in a monochrome portrait. And create a classic and unforgettable image. Or you can take a silly face selfie, and enhance it with black and white.
To take a great black & white self-portrait, you can either shoot in b&w mode or convert to b&w in your editing program.

Make Your Own Studio Using a Lamp

DIY studios don’t have to have professional lighting equipment. You can get better at using artificial light without investing in expensive gear.
We all have torches and lamps in our homes. You can use these to create fine art portraits like the ones above. Or to light up an interesting selfie. Using them, you can create:

  • A rainbow light effect. All you need are a CD and a torch.
  • Mysterious side light like the one in the image above.
  • Gorgeous backlight for silhouettes.
  • Soft direct light. You can soften harsh light using hair, paper, or curtains, creating good lighting and better selfies.

Get That Perfect Selfie Light at Golden Hour

hortly after sunrise and before sunset, the magic hour begins.
This is the perfect time for professional and amateur photographers. From landscape photography to candid portrait photography.
If you want to take a beautiful selfie, these times of day will help you do that better.
The golden hour is flexible. You can use it to light yourself directly, from the side, or from behind.