Best Hikes in Switzerland

Hiking Trails in Switzerland

If you are a person with enough craze for mountain adventures, hiking in Switzerland is something you would never want to miss in this lifetime. With soaring mountains loaded with snow, varied terrain and most striking natural views, the Swiss Alps is a popular tourist attraction for its hiking trails. There are both easy hikes in Switzerland like Bachalpsee-First and strenuous ones such as Eiger Trail which require a sense of professionalism and experience. Some of them become even more difficult at times as the trails converge to only step-wide. Nevertheless, exploring these trails is worth it as you get to cherish the lush grasslands, wild waterfalls, and glaciers on the way. 

Bachalpsee & First Grindelwald

If you want to experience one of the easy hikes in Switzerland then the Grindelwald- First to Bachalpsee trail is your first stop. This not so steep trail with 3 km ascent and decent proffers best views of the Jungfrau region.
The trail to Bachalpsee from First also includes an additional hike to the middle station Bort which is quite popular among tourists for the Wednesday storytelling hours. At the summit of the First cable car, you need to hike a short but thrilling bridge to reach your stop to mesmerizing Bachap lake.
With a backdrop of glaciers, this stunning alpine lake is encompassed with wildflowers. Most people hop on the trek to Bachalpsee to immerse in its incredible beauty and enjoy a picnic at an altitude of 2,265 m.

Location: Bernese Oberland
Hiking Duration: 2 hours
How Long is the Trail: 6 km

Eiger Trail

The notorious rocky Eiger Trail with a soaring 3970 m is one of the best hikes in Switzerland in September. The hike starts from the Eigergletscher station and goes down to the Alpiglen train station. As you set on the rocky and dirty hike to Eiger trail covering Grosse Scheidegg, First and Faulhorn you would be accompanied by some breathtaking views.
The panoramic beauty of tall glaciers looking over the Grindelwald valley offers the most euphoric view in Switzerland. Hiking the steep north face of Eiger mountains is not for the faint-hearted as it requires great sure-footedness and perseverance.
Although it is not a piece of cake to ascend up to the famous rock face also known as the “last problem of Alps ”, the difficult areas on the way are secured with ropes to help climbers.

Location: Grindelwald, Jungfrau Region Switzerland

Hiking Duration: 2.5 hours

How Long is the Trail: 6 km

Saas Fee Hohenweg

The alpine trails of Saas Fee Hohenweg in Switzerland are one of the widely popular hiking sites that give the most terrific views. The excursion to the summit starts from Grachen, which is located at the foot of Matter Valley.
From here, a gondola whisks up to Hannigalp where the actual adventure awaits. As you sift between thick greens and rocky ledges you first reach the popular Weisshorn. Then, you move forward to your next stop to Furggen scenery and continue to the end of the hike at the Seng Boden and finally Saas Fee.
The hike to the Saas Fee is often referred to as the “path to silence” for the tranquil aura of the summit. The beautiful peaks and the valley beneath along with the wild waterfalls brings an astonishing view to the climbers. On the way, you can also come across chamois and ibexes every now and then.

Location: Valais Region, Switzerland
Hiking Duration: 6 hours
How Long is the Trail: 16 km

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge is the world’s longest walking suspension bridge having an approximate length of 1600 feet. It spans through the Zermatt valley in the swiss alps and joins the valleys of Grachen and Zermatt.
The bridge gives you the chill of almost walking in the thin air above the deep green forest. But, this suspension bridge is a small part of the adventure in the valley. You have to trace a circular trail all the way up to the mountain and the suspension bridge.
The hike starts from the little town of Randa from where you set your trail into the woods. There will be signs and markers to guide you as you zig-zag your way amidst the tall trees to the suspension bridge. In the far distance, you will also be able to admire the snow-capped alpine mountains and spectacular greenery.

Location: Zermatt
Hiking Duration: 6 hours
Hiking Tips: The best time to visit the place is between May and October.
You should avoid crossing the bridge during storms or lightning.
How Long is the Trail: 9 km